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Support Local Law Enforcement  

All the trendlines in law enforcement in terms of professionalism, responsiveness, and effectiveness, have been moving in the right direction for decades.   I am a former prosecutor and academic dean that supervised a Criminal Justice program.  I can say without any doubt that the recent treatment of our officers has been underserved and extremely damaging to not only them but to those they seek to protect.  



Support  School Choice and Families  

I am a family man first and foremost.  The family unit provides the ONLY avenue to a better life for our children.  I will support and work to pass those laws that empower parents, not the state, to determine what is in the interests of their children and which schools they attend.  



Support Small and Local Business  

I will work to support local businesses and entrepreneurs. For example, I will support efforts to roll back the recently passed amendment to our state constitution that requires an increase of Florida’s minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. This law will have a devastating effect on the businesses we all grew up with both as customers and employees.   



Address Growing Homelessness Problem   

In recent years, instances of aggressive panhandling and loitering have noticeably increased in this District.  I will support measures to empower law enforcement officers and first responders to address this public safety issue effectively and humanely.

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