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Jim Vricos grew up in Clearwater and attended Belcher Elementary School, Oak Grove Middle School, Clearwater High School, St. Petersburg Junior College, and then graduated from Florida State University. 
Jim grew up doing minimum wage jobs in Clearwater.   Whether it was selling T-shirts on Clearwater Beach, or working at Mr. Gyro on Cleveland Street, or bagging groceries at Albertson’s, Jim developed his work ethic as an employee of the local businesses we all grew up with.   
After graduating from FSU, Jim went on to attend Law School, obtaining his Juris Doctorate degree from the Touro University Law Center in New York and his Masters of the Law from George Washington Law School in Washington DC. Jim went on to serve as an Assistant State Attorney in Charlotte County Florida and an Assistant Attorney General for the District of Columbia.  His legal experience is that of a prosecutor. 


Since returning to Clearwater in 2012, he has worked in education.   He has served as an Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Keiser University, Tampa Campus.  As a dean, Jim supervised the Criminal Justice Program.   This allowed him to continue his support for local Law Enforcement Officers. 
First and foremost, Jim is a Family man, and through his church and his deep ties to our community, he works to make our community a great place to live.  Jim and his wife Debbie are truly grateful that their three children have had the opportunity to attend and thrive at one of Pinellas County’s excellent charter schools.  Jim is deeply committed to preserving those opportunities for all Florida families. 
Now Jim is focused on this campaign and taking the values that he grew up with to Tallahassee.  At a recent gathering with friends and supporters Jim summed up his approach to campaigning.  “As many of you know, I am a big walker, and I intend to walk all over this district this year listening to the concerns of our citizens and talking to them about why I want to be their Representative in Tallahassee.  Please come along.  I’d love to walk with you.”

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